Top 5 Interior Design Trends in 2018

Interior design trends change so fast that you can barely keep up with them. Throughout the year 2017, people have noticed a few unique interior design trends. However, as the year is at its end, this article will focus on the upcoming trends which people might see in the year of 2018.

Top 5 Interior Design Trends in 2018

Going green

The green revolution has already started, and people are liking the idea of going for earthy luxury. i.e. designing a nature-friendly interior. This is the time traditional designs and handicrafts will gain momentum. Besides, there is an increase in demand for putting pots and original plants inside the house. Not only this trend makes the interiors look beautiful, but also contributes to creating a healthy indoor atmosphere.

Red, the powerful color

There has been an increase in demand for interiors filled with red-colored materials. From sofas to cushions to the wall paintings, you could find a touch of red color everywhere. And the trend is not going to die down in the upcoming year. In fact, as red gives a bold and powerful look to the interiors, more and more people are looking forward to the red colored designs. However, you can also combine red with other different colors such as brown, white, etc. as long as the interior structure looks beautiful and vibrant.

Dark colored rooms

Quite a lot of people have now started taking interest in the dark colors. Some of such popular colors include deep blue, black, deep red, etc. this trend of painting the four walls with dark colors seems to be one of the top trends in 2018. And why wouldn’t it be? Dark colors add a touch of a thrill to the interior atmosphere.

Japanese artwork

There used to be a time when people looked for paintings, artworks and other different materials to hung on the four walls. However, gone are those days. People now look for imperfect designs, which actually contributes to making the interior look attractive. One of the famous designs include the Japanese arts, which might not make sense to many. However, for the folks who love experimenting, these are the perfect choices for home decorations.

Wooden furniture sets

This is another popular trend which is refusing to die down. Just like the resorts on the hilltops, or around the sea beaches, people like stuffing their homes with wooden furniture. This could include everything made of wood, from chairs to tables to the wardrobe you use. Also, the wooden colors are natural, and hence it contributes to bringing a small part of outside nature within your own house. The other wooden stuff which is extensively used include doors, windows, beds, etc.


While there had been a lot of unique trends in interior designing, the above-mentioned factors could be a changing factor in the upcoming year. So, if you like the ideas, you can try implementing them in your own house. It will not only help your home stand out from the rest but also add a status to it.


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