Space Saving Tips for Small Bedrooms

Decorating a small bedroom can sometimes present a design challenge. A bedroom always requires a bed, and once this is installed, it can be difficult to arrange other pieces of furniture around it.

Beds always take up most of the space in small bedrooms, but this doesn’t mean that your sleeping space can’t look stylish. Small bedrooms take careful planning, but don’t feel limited in terms of what you can achieve.

Mirrors and Lighting

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Most bedrooms will already have mirrors, but if you’re working with a small space, make your mirror as large as possible. Mirrors give the illusion of space and can make your room look extended. Why not string a length of fairy lights around the mirror, or arrange flowers or candles in front of it to enhance the effect?

Double Up

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Why not use your headboard as the basis for a shelving unit? This way you can store books and ornaments on the side of the room taken up by the bed. An unusual headboard can also be made out of an original fireplace. Make sure your headboard and bed frame are painted light colours so they don’t end up dominating the room.


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Avoid dark colours on walls and ceilings because they will make your bedroom look much smaller. Keep the walls pale and the ceiling white to enhance the space that you do have. If you want deeper tones in your furnishings, keep these to the odd pop of colour. For example, add a dark red throw pillow to your bed rather than choosing to have your sheets and duvet cover in this colour.

Storage Space

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If space to store clothes and shoes is an issue, those with small bedrooms should opt for the most non-obtrusive storage units possible, including built-in wardrobes and furniture confined to alcoves. If you’re thinking of building a wardrobe yourself, make sure that you are clear about exactly how much space you’ll need for clothes and shoes.

A space-saving option is to have folding or roller doors, and the hardware is available from retailers like Barrier Components. You should make the most of your floor space, and even if your room is large, it can look cramped if there are discarded clothes strewn all over the floor.

One of the best ways of making a small space seem larger is to reduce the amount of clutter, so perhaps part of your remodel can involve rationalizing the items in your bedroom.


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