Vintage Means Classy And Not Second Hand

home interior vintageA few years ago the “vintage” term was adopted in all the areas where fashion and trend had a word consequently also in interior design.

The adoption was so complete that in the world of home interiors decorations, the vintage has built an industry of its own.

Vintage is not second hand. Many people are tempted to believe that because of the common misunderstanding of the term.

Yes, vintage means old but it also means: of a superior quality and style. So the difference between second hand shops and vintage shops must be made considering the value of the things bought, and of course their price.

The people selling and buying vintage furniture and interior design items are collectors and not sellers of reusable things. They usually select and appreciate the old things of a superior quality like a French revolution table, a Ming vase or a Bertoia chair from the 50s. This means that the vintage decoration objects are not cheap as many people are tempted to believe.

The most common association for the home interior vintage design is the shabby-chic style, that uses valuable pieces old or new (but looking worn out) and with antique like finishes in neutral or pastel colors like white, black, gray, pink and blue. The vintage objects used for decoration – photo frames, vases, fabric and oil painting are all very simple and of a high quality.

In order to create a bohemian atmosphere, which keeps the appearance of a time passed long ago it is recommended to keep the decorations in a studies disorder. The shabby-chic decoration was originally designed in white but in order to avoid being too plain, the pastel colors were introduced.


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