Teenage Room Ideas for Small Rooms

One of the most common problems that parents are faced with is that the room of their teen is quite small. If you are having trouble of this kind as well, think about teenage room ideas for small rooms. The good news is that there are a lot of ideas for you to choose from.

Teenage Room Ideas for Small Rooms


Two beds

It’s not enough that you only have little space to work with. In this case you should think about adding drawers and cabinets to one side of the room and above them you should have a bed and some bookshelves. On the other side of the room have another bed, and below it try adding a few drawers.

Compact and cozy

If there is need for only one bed regarding the small rooms’ teenage room ideas, consider adding a study area. On one side you should have drawers, the closets, and the bed on top of them, along with some bookshelves. On the other side add a writing desk with a chair and add some bookshelves above them as well for more storage space.

Boys’ room

When looking for teenage room ideas for small rooms for boys, there might not be need for a closet. In this case just add some drawers under the bed and have a writing desk in the shape of an L. Make sure that under the desk there are plenty of drawers for the child to have enough storage space.

In need of a closet

In case the child needs a closet regarding the small room ideas for teenagers’ rooms, consider this layout: have a large closet in one corner. Place beside it a small writing desk, just enough for a laptop and a chair. In the other corner you should have a bed with shelves in the bottom part.

A different angle

The teenage room ideas for small rooms also include having the bed in one corner, with drawers in the bottom part. Install a bookshelf on the wall to the side of the bed. On the other side you could have a small writing desk with a chair.

Tips for small teenage rooms for girls

If you have a teen girl you might be interested in the teenage room ideas for small rooms. Think about a wider bed (suitable for sleepovers) and make sure there are at least 6 drawers under the bed. Add a nightstand as well.


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