Spring Color Is Alive

spring colorSpring is a time to renew and a time to shake off the cold of winter. It is a time to lift away the darkness of dreary winter days and let the sunshine in.

Thinking about spring makes you think of things that are fresh and colors that are soft.

It brings to mind a palette of pastel colors such as light pinks, blues, greens, yellows, and lavender. The colors of beautiful flowers and the sounds of spring also come to mind. But let us not forget the crisp, clean look of whites.

Some people say “yellow” is 2009’s color of the season. All of these spring colors will look wonderful when decorating your home.

Choose Your Color Scheme

First you need to choose a color scheme that is pleasing to your eye.

  • Pink is a great spring color to use if you are a woman and live alone. Men usually don’t usually like a totally pink décor. There are many shades of pink and many coral colors are included in this mix. When decorating, you can think of things that are pink that you might use in your home. You could do a theme with light pink roses for your bedroom or pink seashells for your bathroom.
  • Maybe your favorite color is yellow. Yellow can remind you of so many things. It is the color of the sun and of honey bees. Your kitchen would look great with a honey bee theme. Yellow honey bees on your curtains and tableware would make for a bright kitchen. It will feel like the sunshine is coming in no matter what time of day it is.
  • Baby blue is such a soothing color. Why not use this spring color in your decorating plans? Shades of baby blues in your bedroom will give it the feeling of the sky. You can also use this your bathroom color. Your shower curtain could have pictures of tropical fish that are jumping out of the blue ocean on it. You could also get a matching bathroom set in this color. Baby blue is a dreamy color, and it will soothe your weary mind.
  • Shades of green in your home will remind you of a tropical rain forest. Using this spring color will make you think of waterfalls and thing from of the earth. Green would be a good color for your bathroom’s décor. Plants growing in your bathroom will give it that lush feel. You will feel you are bathing in a secluded pool in some far away jungle.
  • Lavender is a lovely spring color and it has a calming effect on people. It will remind you of the flower called lavender and their awesome aroma. It will make you think of spring when all the flowers are beginning to bloom and the birds are beginning to sing. It would be a great color for any bedroom or sun room.

Different shades of these colors are numerous. You will find there is an array of spring colors to choose from, when decorating your home.


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