Orchids and Something Extra for Your Home Decor

As you may have noticed, one of the most fashionable plants is the orchid. There is almost no household that doesn’t have at least one, so you should consider getting a few as well. There is a lot that a blooming orchid could do for your home and you should make the best of it.

Set the table

In the majority of the cases women like to have some decoration on the table so that it won’t look too simple. If this is your case, you should consider adding an orchid to it, and then there will be no more need to set the table. In order to make the table even more interesting, add some cherry blossoms as well.

Orchids and Something Extra for Your Home DecorThe study

To make working somewhat more bearable, consider adding an orchid to your study. If you don’t have enough space on the writing desk, you may place an end table right beside it and place the orchid there. You will see that your study will come to life instantly.

At the front door

There is nothing more important than the first impression that people have of your home. In order to make sure that your house is welcoming, you should have an orchid right in front of the main entrance. This way there will be no way for the guests not to see the plant.

In the mirror

The truth is that there is a lot that people could do using mirrors, and one of the best decoration ideas to use is to place an orchid in front of a mirror. This way you will have the mirror that will make the room larger and brighter, but in the same time you will also have the orchid that adds a pop of color to the room.

The corner

In the majority of the cases the corners of a house are quite boring. You can avoid this by adding an end table to the corner and an orchid. As a result the corner will have a focal point and it won’t seem so empty anymore.

Herbs in the kitchen

While orchids look very nice in the kitchen, another option that you have is to grow herbs in your kitchen. These will add color to it and you can be sure that you will have fresh herbs (or plants, for that matter) at hand, no matter what you may be preparing.


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