Old School Storage Space You Forgot About

All homes meet a storage crisis at one moment or another. We tend to get more stuff in spite of the fact that we lack the space to hide it out of sight. Homes tend to become cluttered and most of the times we don’t see the realistic opportunities we have to organize and explore old storage spaces we have available.


Old School Storage Bedroom

The proverbial “hide it under the bed” phrase might seem impossible to use but if you have storage room under your sleeping spot you can confidently use it. You can place storage boxes or crates under the bed and use them to put blankets, bed lining and even extra pillows out of the way.  This space can be also used to store seasonal clothing.



Most living rooms have an ottoman or another type of seating space with a storage place inside. Instead of a coffee table you can choose to have a larger ottoman as a centerpiece for the room. The top can be used to serve coffee and cake to the guests and the inside can be an extra storage space for anything you might want put aside.

Toys, Books and Reading Nooks

Old School Storage Space You Forgot About

The kids’ rooms are usually filled with a huge number of items. They might need some of them on a daily basis but for most you can find storage space using a basic floor to ceiling shelve structure. Place tall bookshelves on every side of the window and store the books and toys in them. If the kid is small choose closed shelves because he will be tempted to climb them to get at the items he wants.

If you have a tall window you can place a large wooden crate under it. This can be topped with a comfy large pillow and turned into a reading nook. You can use its inside for a toy crate or for anything your kid may like to hide out of sight when he or she grows up.

Walls as a Versatile Storage Space

Walls as a Versatile Storage Space

Most old style houses have wooden frames around doors and windows. You can install some shelves in them and use them for book storage.

This can also be done by mounting shelves on the walls on both sides of the windows and doors.

Aluminum racks can be mounted on the wall to contain anything from cleaning supplies in the kitchen, folders and cd-s in the home office, shoes and clothing in the mudrooms.

You simply have to consider the space you have and you will find available storage solutions you forgot about.


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