How to Create the Perfect Living Room

The New Year is a great time to start a new project in your home. If you are ready for a new look in your living room, follow the top tips below for some guidance on how to create the perfect look.

Focal point

Choose one key piece for your lounge which will help guide you in your design of the rest of the room. Whether it is a painting you really love or a key piece of furniture which represents your style. Once you have chosen your focal point you can start to create the rest of the room around it.


De-cluttering is essential for making your living room look stylish and not like a dumping ground. You can still keep all of your stuff – you just need to find a clever way of hiding it. Stylish storage boxes or chests look great on shelves or simply stacked up on the floor. Storage can also be incorporated into your furniture, in sofa ends, footrests or coffee tables. You still need to access all of your personal bits and pieces such as DVDs, CDs, so it is best to keep it in the living room, just neatly stored away.


Now for the exciting stuff! Colour is your opportunity to show your personality in your room. Go for bright and vibrant to create a lively and energizing room, or neutral and muted tones to create a calm and relaxed space.


Think about how many people you will usually have in your living room and add a few more for when you have guests. The usual amount is around 6, so try to arrange seating so 6 people can sit comfortably and evenly spaced around the room. Having a fantastic sofa (or two) and some additional chairs will create a sociable space where people don’t feel too on top of each other.

If you want to upgrade an armchair to a sofa but don’t want to break the bank, Sainsbury’s offers a great range of quality living room furniture in classic and contemporary styles for excellent prices.


Lighting can make a huge difference to a room, as without sufficient lighting a room can feel dark and small. Ensuring lighting is available at most seating points is important so everyone using the room can feel relaxed and has the option to read etc. Use floor and desk lamps to create a cosy feel and make sure you allow as much natural light into the room as possible – using mirrors can help to reflect the natural light in the room if windows are not very big.

Personal touches

Don’t be scared of adding personal touches. This is your home, your living room – don’t be afraid to keep some personal items on display. Choose some of your favourite photos, perhaps some, which are likely to spark conversation when guests visit, and proudly display them in your living room. As long as you frame them in coordinating frames, they will still fit in with your style and design.

Finishing touches

Finish off your perfect living room with accents of colour and design. Cushions, candles and paintings finish off a room and add a more homely feel.


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