Bathroom Design Tips – 6 Mistakes to Avoid

Who doesn’t want a bathroom to look practical and good? Bathrooms are one of the most used rooms in home that require proper planning while constructing or remodeling.

bathroom design tipsWhether you are thinking of hiring a professional or trying to do it by yourself, it’s worth putting some serious thought in bathroom designing.

These bathroom design tips will help you avoid few most common mistakes people commit while designing a bathroom.

1. Not using waterproof adhesives

One of the most important bathroom design tips is to use waterproof adhesives. Most of the inexperienced designers can commit a mistake of using non waterproof adhesives to fix bathroom tiles.

As water and condensation can easily pass through the cracks between tiles, even the most tightly laid tiles can be damaged with non waterproof adhesives.

As a result, gradually the adhesive will tend to deteriorate with too much exposure to water and bathroom tiles will start to crack and fall from the walls.

2. Not leaving sufficient room for bathroom door

Most of us fail to provide enough space for easy accessibility of bathroom door and finally when it is installed, we find that it is hitting the vanity and creating some other problems. So, ensure that you plan properly to select right doors for your bathroom. If you have smaller spaces, consider sliding bathroom doors.

3. Incorrect toilet placement

Locate a logical spot for toilet inside a bathroom. It will be always a strange experience for you to use a toilet by the door and a sink in the far corner. So, in order to make your bathroom comfortable, ensure that you place the toilet in a logical spot.

4. Lack of proper ventilation

Proper ventilation is very crucial for a bathroom. Lack of it builds up condensation. As a result, mould may develop that possibly damages the structural elements.

5. Slippery floors

For faucets of bathroom, shine will be okay but it doesn’t go well with the floor. Polished marbles, glossy tiles are unsafe for bathroom floors.

Particularly if your family includes small children and elderly people, safe bathroom flooring is very important. So, no matter whatever type of flooring you use for your bathroom, ensure that it is safe and slip resistant.

6. Insufficient storage

Most of us think we don’t need much storage space for our bathroom, which is absolutely untrue. Enough space in the bathroom is very essential to store washing and grooming materials. So ensure that bathroom design plan includes closets and cabinets for storage in bathroom.


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