Kitchen Cabinet Door Decorating Ideas

Kitchen cabinets are the important part of a kitchen design, as they constitute the most visible area of the kitchen. There are various kitchen cabinet door decorating ideas which will help one to explore the designs that will make the most interesting and wonderful kitchen.  The kitchen can be transformed by repainting or reorganising the cabinets according to our imaginations.

Kitchen Cabinet Door Decorating Ideas

Chic Kitchen:

The kitchen can look very chic yet being very simple by the selection of the cabinet door and the paintings. Choose cabinets with wooden brown coloured doors at the bottom and shiny glass doors at the top. The top doors will have light sandalwood doors in contrast to the dark brown door at the bottom. The bottom doors when it has a matt finish can look very appealing with a shiny top cabinet.

If desired the French painting, like ripples can be done on the top cabinets.

Creative Nature bound kitchen:

Choose the cabinet door painted in wooden colour and paste a wallpaper of branches with small leaves, or a hanging plant on them. Complete the look by placing small green plant around the kitchen area and also by fitting dull lights above the cabinet doors.

Keep a slanting glass waterfall with green lining around at one side of the kitchen wall to enhance the beauty of the cabinet.

Artful doors:

For a white background kitchen walls and cabinets you can go for sticking wall papers of few coloured vegetables, for example purple, leafy greens, garlic etc in the top doors of the cabinet. It can also be done in other way. That is painting the door with a prominent background being dark or light, and then paining the vegetables neatly in their contrasting colours.

Cabinets with simple glass doors:

The cabinets with transparent glass doors can be painted according to the choice of the draping, accessories and the atmosphere of the kitchen that is looked for. If you prefer a green atmosphere you can paint the inside of the cabinets with green colour or fix a wall paper with lot of greeneries.

If you prefer to match your inner cabinet painting with your chairs and counter tops then you can opt for wooden matte finishing.


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