Girls Bedroom Ideas – Designs For A Princess

Decorating a girl’s bedroom can be a challenging task; and one for which you need a bit of a helping hand with some girls bedroom ideas; but this can also be a fun project, that can involve not only the parents but also your daughter’s input.

girls bedroom ideasWhen it comes to little girls, girls bedroom ideas that can work really well could be –

  • A Cinderella theme or a fairy princess theme depending upon which is the little girl’s fave fairy story character. Pink and purple are popular color choices for little girls, which can form the backdrop in terms of the color of the walls, the bed, and the draperies. To this can be added an appropriate wall mural depicting a pumpkin-carriage (if it’s Cinderella), sea motifs (if it is Ariel), and so on. These girls’ bedroom ideas can create a haven for a little girl that she loves and is proud of.
  • Another one of the popular girls bedroom ideas is a space modeled on a favorite cartoon character – Minnie Mouse, Hello Kitty, or whichever character the little girl likes most.
  • A fairy woodland theme is another popular choice among girls bedroom ideas. A wall mural featuring an enchanted forest, with pixie folk, a toadstool, butterflies and so on, appropriate accessories such as tree stumps for bedside tables and other touches can make the woodland theme come alive.

When it comes to preteens or teens, the cartoon characters and fairyland themes may be outgrown and there would be a requirement for thinking up other girls bedroom ideas.

  • For the sport loving girl, whether she is herself an athlete, is a cheerleader or is simply very interested in sport, a sporting theme can work really well. Sporting motifs on the walls, and sporting accessories could combine to offer a girl her very own sporty space.
  • Retro décor featuring 60’s and 70’s style flower power, is a popular one of the girls bedroom ideas. The peace sign, floral motifs, psychedelia and other retro artifacts can be a funky idea; one that your girl may think very groovy indeed. The hippie style bedroom that uses batik, tie and dye, and other colorful ideas may be a really great girls bedroom idea.
  • For a glamour conscious teen, a Hollywood themed bedroom could be a great idea. Think large Marilyn Monroe or classic Audrey Hepburn prints covering a wall, a stylish dresser, a wall mirror framed with lights and so on; are excelled girls bedroom ideas for the glamorous teen.
  • Vintage or Victorian style decorating is also popular among girls bedroom ideas. Pictures and miniatures, old lace and vintage fabric, perhaps a four poster bed, lamps, vases and pottery, and other bric-a-brac could create a wonderful ambience that is a throwback to older and more genteel times. The classic rose print is always a good idea, which will require some ribbons, bows, and delicate lace. Use romantic and feminine girls bedroom ideas such as stripes, checks, florals and spots to create the right look.


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