Key Elements for Holiday Décor 2013

Not everybody is keen on turning the place upside down or flood the rooms with Christmas themed decorations. In some cases the space cannot accommodate this change and in others people simply don’t want to disrupt the  home décor for the sake of Christmas. In case you are one of the above described people consider inviting the Christmas spirit in your home with special key elements that will make a difference.Key Elements for Holiday Décor 2013

Centerpiece with a Christmas Touch

Many people dread the ideal of trying to create a perfect Christmas table setting. Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be perfect but rather interesting and seasonal looking. Use colorful branches filled with winter berries placed in a vintage looking vase as a centerpiece or simply mix beautiful winter roses with Christmas themed candle holders for an eclectic looking table.

Seasonal Touch

The look and the scent of the holiday season can be achieved with cinnamon sticks strategically placed near the name card. Pineapples can become a lovely centerpiece and artichokes can decorate the table together with pine cones. Pine branches and winter upholstery can also become a practical holiday décor.

Your Colors

In case the yuletide green and red color scheme is not your scene, consider changing the tradition to fit your idea of holiday. There are many color combinations you can use and you can simply choose the tree ornaments and mantelpiece decoration in those particular colors.  Try mixing blue and gold, green and silver, yellow and purple but make sure you add something white too, to underline the winter feel.

Make it Your Own

We all see flawless looking wreaths with perfectly tied ribbons but when it comes to making one of our own we may get the surprise of not being able to achieve that perfect look. Instead of aiming for it consider making a wreath that will look like it belongs in your home décor. Choose clusters of shining ornaments instead of bows, add lights and paper cut snowflakes and dare to decorate it in a very personal way.

Just Candles

You can never go wrong with candles. Choosing the Christmas scented ones will be a bit expensive so instead of those, choose some candles in pretty containers and essential Christmas inspired aromatic oils. The delicate light will add to the Christmas feel without the need to make drastic changes in your home décor.


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