How to Fit Quotes In Your Home Décor

Adding inspiring quotes on the wall is a rather recent decoration trend. It seems people want to be inspired to create, remember wonderful moments or simply feel the motivation to do something and all these can be achieved by integrating smartly written lines in the wall décor.

Simple Statements

In case you lack motivation to do house work consider having something written on a key place around the house. Don’t think that writing “Clean me” on the mirror will do the trick but rather use simple statements like “I love my house because it makes me proud”.

The Touch of Life

There may be times when a familiar line written on a wall you normally stare at when you are sad, is able to get you the proverbial push you need to move on.

You can write a famous quote or you can simply put on a wall the words you think will offer you the needed impulse. Sometimes, simple lines the type of “Life is amazing and so are you” or “ Family is the rock under your feet when the ground is shaking”  can motivate you to be the best you can be even when you are down.

Because it’s Pretty

If you think that elegant writing is the ideal decoration for your bedroom wall, consider peaceful quotes or mind settling statements that will fit into the bedroom décor. Add lovely wall paintings all around the writing to increase the impact of the wall. It’s up to your imagination to make this a unique approach in wall decoration but you should remember to fit the writing style to the rest of the room.

Love All Around

In case, you want something special for the nursery decoration or if you want your little one to have something unique on the walls of his or her room, have something written on their wall. You can simply choose “mom and dad will always love you” or let the children choose their own quote especially if they can read.

On The Stairs or In a Frame

If you like the idea of cute quotes separated in sections you can always use the stairs. Write the verses of a poem, one on every step, or simply white something inspirational, frame it, and put it on the wall somewhere where it will be visible to everyone.


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