Use Decoupage To Revive Your Furniture

Decoupage is always a good idea, especially when it comes to original decorating. Therefore, here are few tips how to create an artistic item to decoupage your cabinet front.

decoupage 1First and most important is to remove the doors and the drawers, in order to prime and paint them.

Try to add some contrast as you paint the primer with rich colors. Blue and white are the perfect combination.

In case you would want some eccentric decoupage, go for bright red color, which is also a good idea. Picking the right image is also an issue for the decoupage you will use.

Recently the flower motifs have been extremely modern, so choose some contemporary items.

Vintage postcards, old photographs and seed packets are very good for home décor with antique furniture.

decoupage 2Use a color copy of the image, in order to create smooth surface, when you are ready.

Cut the copied image accordingly your design and lay out the pattern. Do it in way that will match on the cabinet fronts.

Wait for some minutes and remove the image. Next step is to decoupage the image as the experts are advising you to do this with a foam brush and a decoupage medium like Mod Podge.

Apply the layer on the fronts and arrange the images on the Mod Podge. Add another coat on the image and wait the glue to dry.

It takes nearly 2 days, so after that simply seal with varnish.


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