Abstract Art For Enlivening Those Bare Walls

Abstract art can make a dramatic statement – bold and colorful – and yet leave room for interpretation; thereby enhancing the visual impact of any room. Here are some of our picks for possible abstract art additions to your walls:

The Dropping Gold Three Part Hand Painted canvass – a work created as an interesting Triptych or in three parts, this one is done in primary colors.

dropping gold

The square dimension of 48” Wide x 48” Tall – or four feet square is just enough to make a bold visual impact; however it should not be so big that it swamps the entire wall.

Orchard Apples is an extension of the still life principle – only this one is done in a more close up style than the usual bowl of fruit and pitcher alongside construct.

archard apples

The rick earthy tones of warm orange and red make this a striking addition to a dining area since these are the colors that are thought to promote appetite and convivial social interaction.

Handmade and signed by the artist, this one is called the Blue Tornado – Abstract Metal Wall Art that is dramatic with its swirling metallic patters and beautiful with its blue and silver and black coloring. Made from aluminum, this piece is then polished and enameled.

metal wall art


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