The White Definition In The Form Of Home Décor

Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz is a designer, whose style and provocative manner has been discussed a lot into the contemporary design. The designer is eminent with his magical style and totally transforming the interior of any home into a modern fairytale.

home decor 1

home decor 2

His last project was praised as innovative and totally outstanding. The designer created an incredible atmosphere into a home in Sagaponack, New York. The white palette was his major helper and surely the design represents an interesting and symbolic interior.

Despite all-in-white can sound a bit boring to you, just take a look at the creative game of nuances this artist has been inserted into the home interior.

home decor 3

home decor 4

home decor 5

Wall paints are in white with small decorative elements, furniture and floors are sophisticated to remind us white can be a fun and luxurious color.

His white design is now an absolute décor hit, without being a futuristic home interior. You can follow his steps in adding more white to your living room , as you start from the linens and move up to the furniture.


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