Silver and Gold to Make a Festive Décor

In case you haven’t decorated your home for Christmas, now is the right time to do it.One of the most famous Christmas decorations is the combination of gold and silver. They create a great festive atmosphere; so don’t hesitate to use them, in order to make your home a shiny place for the holidays.

christmas tree

Start with the stairway. Usually this is the place that is somehow forgotten, when it comes to decoration, but a wall covering with gold print can do miracles in this spot. In case you are not very fond of the golden colors, then add some silver accents on the wall.

christmas table decorationThe table style is also very important. In case your dining table is at the living room, place the Christmas tree near the table.

Place a nice centerpiece and beautify it with golden or silver balls. In case you want to add some modern touch, get a table with polished wood surface. This way the living room will literally shine.

Many people consider the combination between gold and silver as unacceptable, but if you find the perfect balance between golden and silver accents for your Christmas decoration, you will enjoy an aesthetic and refined holiday atmosphere.

The small ornaments also change the home interior. Don’t go for the typical red ornaments.

Place some luminous ornaments in different sizes and shapes. For instance, you can place some golden and silver baubles near the centerpiece at the table, for this will bring some sophistication to the interior.

If you are fond of golden decorations, you can go for golden table setting. It looks luxurious, especially if you choose white porcelain embellished with gold patterns.

You can also place some white napkins with gold fabric paint. Tie them with silver ribbon and add golden baubles on the plate.

The living room mantelpiece is often the center of the Christmas decoration. Avoid the typical red Christmas sock and add golden ones. The curtain also matters. Choose a white curtain and add some cluster of ornaments, which can hang from the curtain rod.

silver christmas tree

Place some gold and silver cushions on the sofa and don’t forget the old chandeliers, they are absolute must. You can go for silver chandeliers because they look elegant and yet vintage. The glass baubles are also a good idea; you can place some in the corridor.

The typical Christmas wreath can be decorated with gold bells and silver ribbons.


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