How To Turn Hallways Into A Piece Of Art?

A hallway is the linking heart of your home. Therefore, decorating the hallway means you are decorating the entire home. There are many modern tendencies for renovating the old hallways, but most of the designers are advising you to decorate your hallway in the same style you are decorating the whole house.

The difference is that hallways are also an area for storage, but this doesn’t mean it can be left without any stylish accent.

country style hallway

In case your home is in typical country style, decorate the hallway in the same style. Choose plain white walls, for they will open the area and give more space to the décor. Use monochrome accessories and put bold furniture. That can be a black console table, where you can store umbrellas, gym kits, bills and etc.

A mirror is also a good idea to consider, but go for big mirror, in case your hallway is small. This gives the impression of a spacey area. The classic hallways are usually created in the centre stage, so it gives the first impression to your house. Create the domino effect as you update the hallway with relaxing seating in white and black furniture.

black and white hallway

You can also use the black and white accents with carpet and curtains that are contrasting with each other. Some experts are advising you to choose the neutral palette, in case your home is made in an artistic design.

neutral color hallway

Neutral colors are smooth and they go well with any color, so go for them. Equestrian wallpaper, a painting in smooth colors and a pencil sketch can be the decorative elements in your hallway.

Choose colors like light brown and grey, for they are a good entrance to any home. Decorating a different hallway is also an option, especially for people with big families. In this case, just choose bold colors that are contrasting the entire home color scheme.

vivid blue hallway

Vivid blue is one of those colors that give a fun touch to any area. Animal prints on the walls and relaxing sofas are also part of the fun look. In case you have children, you can place their first drawings as paintings on the walls. This will provide a witty display to the hallway.

Recently the wallpapers are very modern option for the hallway, so you can go for classy wallpaper. Drawings on the wall are also a good idea for an eccentric hallway décor.


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