5 Original House Designs Alcoves Bring

The alcove could be a specific feature of just any home and it can be used to create a vibe.

If you have a possibility of this kind, you should make sure that you make the best of it and you choose a style that is advantageous for your home.

House Design(photo by www.housetohome.co.uk)

1. Freestanding bookcase

If you have spaces on the sides of the fireplace, it may be a good idea to add freestanding bookcases to these spaces.

It is possible that your home has a specific style such as Georgian fire surround or cornicing and in this case you could ask your carpenter to create a carcass that complements the style.

2. Log store

There is a lot you could do with an alcove, such as using it for storing logs. This way you can store the logs safely even in the close surroundings of the fire.

The advantage is that it has an eye-catching look, but you should make sure that all the logs have similar sizes so that the alcove will look its best. When stacking you should use a ladder to add the logs to the top and you should never pull a log from the middle.

3. Display

In case the alcove is shallow and there is no piece of furniture that will fit, you could use the space to display items, such as pictures. Opt for pictures that have something in common.

If you choose such an idea make sure that you decide on the place of the holes first so that you won’t have to make too many holes that won’t be used.

4. Multifunctional alcove

You could add shelves of different depth and height to the alcove to have some space to display various items.

If you have a long shelf, you could display items such as vases and underneath it you would have some space to store a basket. The smaller, higher shelves are just great to expose small items, like books and photos.

5. Study

If you have a deep alcove, you can add a desk to it. This way you have some privacy while working, but you are close enough to the fire to enjoy it.

It is best if there is also a window so that you will have natural light while working. In this case, it may be important to save some space, so choose the chair accordingly and have one with a delicate frame.


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