Use a Faux Fabric Finish to Spice Up Your Décor

Having the walls simply painted isn’t considered to be interesting anymore so you may be on a lookout for some other ideas to spice up the decor of your home. One of the ideas which you may like is to create a faux fabric finish on the walls. You have to know that in order to get it done you will have to work very fast.

Mix the glaze and roll it on


When the base coat is dry you should mix the glaze and the first color. Stir the mixture well and pour it in a tray. Start working in the top corner of the wall and roll the glaze downwards. To make sure that the glaze doesn’t dry before you start creating the finish, you shouldn’t work with larger surfaces at once.

Drag vertically


All you have to do is to push the brush into the wet glaze and pull it downwards. This way the bristles will expose your base color. The dragging motion shouldn’t be interrupted until you reach the bottom. To avoid having a seam, the second section should overlap the first one. At this stage it may be useful to use a visual guide.

Excess glaze

After each line you should clean the brush from the excess glaze. For this you can always use a paper towel or a clean rag.


Just as in the previous case, when the base color of the wainscot dries, you should mix the second color and the glaze. Start at the top left corner and work downwards. Pull the brush steadily from top to bottom without stopping. The next line should overlap the first one so that there will be no seam.

Horizontal lines

After the first layer dries (this should take about a day) you should mix the third color with the glaze. Apply this layer in a strip and make sure that the paint gets between the grooves of the first layer. Then start dragging the brush horizontally across the wall. After this apply the next strip of paint.

Although at first the technique could seem quite difficult, you can see that it isn’t rocket science. As a tip, you should know that this is a two man job. The first person should apply the paint and the second person should be dragging the brush to make sure that the paint won’t dry until the finish is created. Such a finish can make any room come to life.


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