Building a Summer Fire Pit! Learn All About It

One of the trendiest features of a garden at the moment is the fire pit. This is great for the chilly summer nights when you can sit on a chair besides the fire to warm up and maybe also melt some marshmallows.  Such activities can improve your idea of quality family time.

Building a Summer Fire Pit! Learn All About It

Lay the blocks

Place the blocks in a circle where you want to have the pit. In order to have the perfect fit it is possible that you will have to cut the blocks. This can be easily done with the help of a brick hammer and a chisel. To make sure that the block won’t crack, you should place it on hard surface.

The pit location

The joints of the blocks should be lined up and they should also be tight. Take a spade and make a circle in the ground an inch from the blocks. Count the blocks and then put them aside. It is also a good idea to take a photo of the circle so that you will know the order of the blocks.

Level trench

Use the same spade and dig a trench that is about 12 inches deep and as wide as a block within the circle. Place the blocks into the trench to make sure that they fit as they should. If they don’t fit, you should widen the trench and then remove the blocks.

Filling the trench

Fill the trench with drainage gravel. It is possible that you will have to add more gravel to keep it even and level. After each step you have to make sure that the blocks line up just perfectly. If you make the trench 1 inch wider than it should be, you could end up with a gap between the blocks of 3 inches.

The first step

Place the first block and then check it with a level to be even. If the block is too high, you should tap it with a rubber mallet. If the block is too low, you should add some patio base. Before you move on, you should make sure that all the blocks are at level.

Then you should add the other blocks as well, exactly the same way. Make sure that you use all the blocks to achieve a perfect fit. Remember that a small tap with the rubber mallet could make a huge difference so work slowly.


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