Decorating on a budget

Every home could do with a spruce-up once in a while, but decorating can be an expensive pastime and as a result one which is very easy to avoid or put off entirely. With more and more of us preferring to improve our homes rather than move, cost-effective decorating is the ideal solution for those on a budget.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to change the look of a room without having to pay for expensive additions or costly materials.

Saving Money

One of the easiest ways to update any room is to add a splash of colour to the walls. This can take the form of either repainting the entire wall space or simply creating a feature wall. A feature wall is cheap, easy and often very effective. Choose a striking wallpaper pattern or opt for paint in an eye-catching shade and then apply to an appropriate space: feature walls work well on alcoves, chimney breasts or other walls with a focal point and can be as subtle or bold as you wish.

Whatever improvements you decide to make, if you’re in no particular hurry it can be worth waiting for sales, especially if you are flexible about what you want. By saving a nice amount of money, any design project becomes more cost-effective and more can be achieved.

Before you make any major changes, be sure to check your home insurance covers any damage to the house. If your policy needs a spruce-up as much as your space does, then why not look into a new insurer that saves you money. Any home needs a level of protection and when looking for deals onhome insurance or buildings insurance it pays to check out price-comparison sites or to wait until specific offers become available. Another way to save is to see if your chosen provider is registered with a cash back scheme or you can approach them directly to find out what they can offer.

Getting Creative

If budgets are a little tight it need not hinder your creative streak and in fact can force you to be more inventive as you seek out bargains and alternative ways of doing things. A wander around a flea market can make for an interesting experience, especially if you are lucky enough to pick up something special for very little money.

If you are redecorating your bedroom, and you want to find a great variety of different beds, you can take a look at the Bed Star website, which has a great collection of different styles of beds with a wide array of prices so you can find one to match your budget and personality.

Another way to be creative and inject a new spark of life into your home is to make the most of whatever you own already. You could paint an old piece of furniture or customise certain pieces to give them a fresh look. Using transfers or stencils on walls and units, it’s easy to achieve a unique effect. Or try replacing plain handles or doorknobs with interesting options such as jewelled or coloured ones.

Accessories can be a great way to change the appearance of any room and by choosing interesting photo frames, teapots, candle sticks and ornaments, an individual look is created with very little outlay or effort.

Effective decorating is an art and initiating small-scale projects to begin with will get you going and spur you on to more elaborate projects as time goes on. If you are reluctant to overspend, it makes sense to take things slowly and really relish each little job by giving it time and enjoying it. There’s no reason to hurry and by making small changes gradually a rich, more layered look can be achieved.


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