Country Style Holidays Decoration Make a Lovely Home

The majority of people opt for country style in their home so that they create a warm and welcoming place where both their family and their guests feel comfortable. In case of holiday decorations, you should be thinking about vintage items instead of the modern ones that you can find in stores in this period of the year.

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Usually it is the wreath that people see first in case of a house, and so you should choose one that is suitable for your home. Dark red, green and burgundy are traditional colors in case of country style homes, but you could also choose other combinations. The only thing you have to keep in mind is for the wreath to have an aged look. You could create your own wreath made of grapevine. Secure some pinecones to the base of the wreath and paint them soft white. You could also add some glitter to the pinecones and a bow.

Another idea that you could use is to get some country style hand painted angels and secure them to the wreath and add some artificial greenery.

The Christmas tree

A lot of people say that the best decorations are those that they create with their loved ones before Christmas. This is a good idea, because you can have some family fun and these will be great memories. Some of the ideas that you could use is to paint pinecones and add to them some glitter. Another good idea is to create good old fashioned angels using clothespins and tissue paper for the wings. Use paint, glitter, and glue on the items.

You could also paint some well-known symbols of Christmas like Santa, reindeers, snowmen, and so on. Another traditional decoration is to add popcorn to a string.


In case of the country styled homes, the decorations on the mantel are just as important as the Christmas tree. As an idea you could be using natural greenery. Although you could be using artificial greenery as well, that last longer, there is nothing like the fresh smell of greenery. There are some other items that you could add to your mantelpiece, such as a small snowman or an angel. Candles and candlesticks can also be used. One important rule that you have to keep in mind is to have an odd number of items, and not an even number in any case.


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