How to Give a Chic Touch with Flea Market Accents

There are a lot of people who like buying items from flea markets, not just because they are cheap but also because they are useful.

And they don’t have to look cheap either; you could find real treasures if you look in the right place!

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Pot holders

You could use pot holders for display and this way you can also make sure that you always have one at hand. In case you like them, you should make sure to choose them based on some characteristic, such as the color, texture or shape. This way they won’t look out of place.

Mail stop

Although only few people use traditional mail anymore, you could make a nice display of postcards and other things you get by mail with the help of a floral frog. In the past this item has been used to keep things in order in a vase, but today people have found alternative uses for it.

Going bold

With a bit of good taste, bold could become chic in your home. As an example you could be thinking about getting blue wallpaper in your entryway, and also add a vintage dresser.

This could hold the items you need before leaving your home, like keys, coats, hats and gloves. Add some layering through decorative elements, like busts or an umbrella stand.


You can find different art pieces at flea markets, and you could get one of them to create one single display. In this case the rule of thumb is to stick to one color palette. Also you could add mirrors of different shapes and sizes.


The truth is that nobody listens to records anymore, so you could use them as art. Place them in a frame with different colors of background and you could add them to the wall in a gaming zone. To make it a whole, add some pillows with game pieces and a pool table to add personality.

Mix it

One of the best things about flea markets is that they make it possible for you to take the outdoors indoors. You could find farm tables that you could use in the kitchen and also some chairs. You don’t need them to be of the same style or color. You can just mix and match as you wish!


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