Open Your Home To Light This Summer

A mild winter across much of the nation has left many people shocked that spring is, indeed, in the air. Even if you haven’t had any snow this winter or needed to bundle up against a biting wind, the calendar tells us that cold weather is in our review mirror and that springtime warmth is close at hand.

The approach of warm weather means different things for different people. For some, it is a time to start stocking up on the latest summer fashions. For others, it might offer an opportunity to clean the house, plan for a July vacation, or start scouting out tickets to a baseball game. And, for those of us who are constantly looking to design and redesign our homes, the approach of summer provides a great opportunity to change our interior dynamic – from one that feels cozy and warm in the winter to one that openly embraces the outside world once warm weather arrives.

Opening up your home for summer ultimately comes down to a matter of light. Usually, a home that lets in large amounts of light is one that can embrace summer more fully from a perspective of feel and design. Here, then, are a few tips for opening your home – and welcoming in the light – this spring season:

-Clear the windows. Heavy drapes may fit well with your interior décor, but many of them also serve to block some of the light coming into your home – even when they are open. Removing the drapes and replacing them with cellular blinds can help preserve appearances while also guaranteeing more light.

-Move outside. Getting greater use out of your front or backyard can have the effect of opening windows and doors, moving people fluidly between outside and inside, and bringing in larger amounts of light – both real and perceived. Adding porch space and desk chairs is always a great way to make this happen.

-Put on a new coat of paint. Lighter wall colors reflect light and give off the impression of brighter and airier rooms. If your home currently has dark interiors, especially in common spaces, a new paint job may be all you need to make the place more light-friendly this summer.

-Renovate and remodel. Of course, there are many larger-scale approaches that can bring a good deal more light into your home. For example, you can replace walls with glass, enlarge windows, add skylights, and knock down your attic to create taller rooms. All of these approaches are effective yet often expensive.

These are a few of the ways you can bring more light into your home this summer. While sitting indoors during the warm-weather months is usually no substitute for going outside, we can certainly still look to blend the two landscapes by making our homes lighter and brighter this summer.


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