Arabian Nights Touch Via The Right Magical Lantern

The prince of Persia is not only a movie, it has succeeded to inspire the design world with its Arabian night details and an impressive décor.

The oriental topic has always been a favorite one for many designers, but now the Arabian glow is back into the interior and resembles the lavish style of the typical orient palaces.

Here are few tips how to add a little bit of the Arabian magic into your home décor. Go for the very modern lantern suggestions of the biggest designers in the branch. One of them is the Malta lantern by Z Gallerie.

The lantern possesses desert charm and surely will add more sophistication into your home.

Calvin Klein Home also included lanterns in his latest collection. His Sumi Lacquer Hurricane Lamp is the bespoke hit of the season, for it resembles the traditional Arabian style.

One very stylish and colorful piece is presented by Apartment. The collection offers Moroccan lantern in pop blue color, which is a major color for most of the details in the Arabic interior. The lantern speaks of classy style and it opens the home atmosphere with its unique spirit.

The lamp of the Arabic hero Aladdin is perhaps the Round Mumbai lantern, presented by Go Home. It is a truly masterpiece made to fit any lavish interior.


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