Add a Bit of Glamour to Your Bohemian Loft

When you are thinking about decorating a loft you should always keep in mind the history of the loft. In the majority of the cases these have been factories or warehouses in the past, and now they are an important part of urban living. How to turn a loft into a lovely home?

Space definition

First of all you should decide which room to put where. You should base your decision on the location of the kitchen and the bathroom and also on the locations of the windows. You should end up having a living room, bedroom and maybe a study too.

Bohemian LoftIn case of the living room you should have a window and put a sofa in front of it for you to be able to gaze through the window, into the night.

The window could also define the location of the bedroom, since not every person likes to have the sun shining through the window in the morning.

When you have made up your mind, you should make a sketch.

Space division

There are many items that you can use to divide the space, such as bookcases or tablets. A raised platform might also do the trick. To add a chic touch to the house consider using screens, room dividers or fabric screens that you could be hanging from the ceiling.

The style

In the majority of the cases the lofts come with smooth surfaces and sleek lines. This is why it is a good idea to combine natural materials such as stone and wood with manmade materials, like metal and glass. So you could achieve the bohemian looking home of your dreams. To soften the look you can also add some fabrics and plants.

Regarding the kitchen, you may want to go for the modern elements, like stainless steel items or solid black products accompanied by granite countertops. Be sure that you have a kitchen island and add modern lights above it.

In case the loft is in an older building, you might prefer the rustic look. In such a case you have the option to use hand carved wood or old furniture and don’t forget about the glass chandeliers either. The use of upholstery and the decorative pillows will enhance the rustic atmosphere of the loft, not to mention that they will make the place look warmer and more welcoming. As you can see achieving glamour isn’t that difficult.


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