Renovate Old Furniture in Style

Probably everyone has faced the dilemma whether to discard old furniture and buy new one or to renovate it so that it can get a new different but stylish look.

Here we will introduce some ideas of transformation of old shelves, dressers and cabinets. Instead of disposing them or storing them in the basement, you can refresh your home décor and enter them as reused and renewed furniture in your home.

In case you have an old bookshelf, you can easily transform it into stylish and modern furniture. Before you make the first steps of transformation, choose the new color for repainting it. You can also use furniture foil, which comes in various shades and it can imitate wood.

modern bookshelves

The ebony black is classy and a suitable decision for a shelf. On the shelves in the visible area, you can place boxes for storage, which will surely give a neat and stylish appearance.

The old cabinet may become a fine and beautiful addition to your home interior, especially if you choose to renew it in the black and white color scheme. Paint the cabinet in black, insert door upholstery with black and white patterns and replace the door handles.

In case you have an old coffee section cabinet, you can change it into a great laundry cabinet, if you have enough space to put it in the laundry room.

Change the color and remove some loopholes, put some new shelves and baskets to sort the clothes or the items you need. Place the ironing board in its vicinity and use the free spaces of the cabinet for hanging the ironed clothes.

coffee tableIn case you have an old coffee table, don’t throw it away. It can be a great addition to your bathroom or to your bedroom. Paint it in ivory and choose some floral patterns, which can change its look.

The old pair of chairs can also be restored into a new one. Replace the old paint, add a new fabric on the seat and paint them in white, so you can turn them into great dining chairs.

If you wish to change your interior every day, we offer a few simple and cheap tricks for refreshing the living room.

If you put only one picture on the wall, it will be lost over the couch, but a set of tree photos or painting will give a bright personality and become an eye-catching decoration.

The old pillows and cushions shouldn’t be thrown away. Just change their look as you dress them in new interesting color scheme and place them on the sofa. The old carpet can be turned to a few little rugs for spaces like laundry room, bathroom or hall entry.


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