How to Turn Your Basement into a Family Room?

The basement is the part of the house you normally use for storing the stuff you no longer need. The original approach of transforming it into a family living room might seem quite a handful when in fact it is a simple and practical way of making the most of your home space.

It is common knowledge that the basements tend to retain humidity, are frequently exposed to moss and mold infestation and are a bit too dark to be considered the place where the family can get together.

basement room

The most common family rooms combine two different areas: the meal serving space and the seating space or the space used for quality time spent together.

The space compartmenting must be considered before starting the work on the basement. Once you have done it the next step is to make it as luminous as possible.

The windows are not an option so the next best thing is to paint the walls in pearl white  or combine two different very light wall paint tones. The ceiling must be white but you can add silver touches for a trendy look and a better light reflection.

When you start separating the space, keep in mind that the two areas must fit the number of family members and accommodate all of them in specific family moments.

The seating space must have a comfortable couch. The size of it has to fit the number of people; so make sure that you pick one accordingly. This is the area where you will share treasured moments with your loved ones talking about the daily events or commenting the news.

A TV is very welcome in the area, and if the space allows, keep some books to encourage reading time. It may sound a bit old fashioned but your kids will be more inclined to read if they see you do it.

basement family room

Remember that in the hot summer days, the family room in the basement will be your cool refuge; so it is a good idea to consider inviting your guests downstairs for a drink. A small coffee table would be the best serving spot.

If you have available space and a good air venting option, you can add a rock fireplace on one of the walls and build the seating space around or near it. This will be your cozy heat source during winter and a cooling tool in the summer – the rock texture adding a cold touch to the basement air.

The serving area is the place where your family will gather for dinner every evening, or the place where you will serve a more consistent treat to your guests.

You will need a large light placed above the table and place the table near the stairs you use to access the basement. This way the traffic between the kitchen and the family room will be a lot smoother. For a more artistic touch you can use the walls from the serving area to display works of art or a combination of family photos.


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