Steam Or Waterfall – Either Way Exquisite Shower

The Shower Panel System by Samo is a really unique system.

samo shower panel system 1It replaces your old showerhead that may or may not have adjustable settings with a panel that gives you a choice between three different types of water pressure.

Do you remember how awful it is to get either too much pressure beating down your skin or too less, making your shampooing a living hell. The stylish shower panel from Samo fixes this with no problems.

samo shower panel system 2

samo shower panel system 3The difference is that with this system, you can choose between a rain shower head which kind of well, rains over you; then you have the waterfall options directly underneath that and lower still is the system of jets that spray a mist in case a misting is your preference.

Coming in stunning colors and finishes (including red), this would be a wonderful addition to any bathroom.


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