2010 Furniture Both Minimal And Outstanding

The New Year is at the door and interior designers have already forecasted the upcoming trends in home decoration for spring 2010.

Out of all aspects of home decoration, the most vital part is selection and arrangement of furniture and accessories.

They actually make one’s house a perfect cozy residence. Here is a brief guideline about the latest trends of furniture.

Use minimal furniture to leave sufficient space in the room. You can use low-height furniture; arrange seats that will rest on the floor, thus creating a cozy intimate living room.

You need not stick to a traditional basic design and adopt plans that make the room feel most comfortable.

Cleverly and clearly use your distinguishing style that will reflect on every part of the room, from furniture to accessories. It is better not to mix up two contrasting styles like the royal and classy.

Color plays an important role. Metallic tones will dominate this year. The metallic and beige shade, pure metal or combination of wood and metal are the textures and nuances of choice for sofa sets this year.

However, you can experiment with cushions in vibrant colors made of exotic fabric.

Experiment bravely with the shape and patterns of your furniture. Use clearly defined shapes and smooth edges like round and oval focusing on whatever suits your style.


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