Smart Ideas To Decorate A Teenager’s Room

teen roomIs it time for the pretty pink princess room to go?

Has your son outgrown that car-shaped bed that you bought for him when he was 7?

You must have a teenager on your hands and you probably need some help redecorating a room for someone who has their own ideas and does not want to listen to your input in the matter.

Keep in mind that trends change all the time, but strive for comfort and hang in there, they will most likely change their minds by next week. Here are ideas that will help you look like a cool parent rather than an old-fashioned know-it-all.

Does your teenager have any hobbies or interests? Use this for an idea for their room. For example, if he is into fishing or rowing, place oars or old fishing rods around the room and use an old rowboat as a bookshelf.

Using driftwood from the beach as shelves around the room, you can tie in the nautical theme. Keep walls and paints neutral and use accessories to decorate and liven up the room.

By keeping things neutral, they can change the theme as often as they like. So, when their passion for boating fizzles and music becomes the new trend, you can just take down the accessories and put up guitars instead.

Instead of fairyland and princesses, your teenage daughter might want something more up-to-date. Everyone wants their bedroom to be a place where they can relax and get away. Bedrooms should also be places where you can concentrate on essays, projects and those important phone calls to best friends.

Transform her fairytale bedroom into a tropical oasis. Keep colors to yellows and greens and buy accent furniture like flowering lamps or bamboo lights. Change the furniture to wicker and maybe she’ll think it’s awesome to have a hammock for a bed.

Most importantly, let them tell you what they like and let them give you a hand in making it happen. This is their expression of independence and individuality. Their room is a symbol of who they are, so just be there to guide them and encourage them towards furniture and accents that can transition to other décor, so that you’re not stuck with black walls and black sheets, that may still be lingering inside your own teenage memories. Remember to keep everything comfortable and relaxing.

Don’t worry, just a few more years of this and they will be out of the house and you will so miss their “original” sense of decorating.


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