Styling a Small Space with Smart Decorating Tricks

The truth is that not all people are lucky enough to live in large houses, and so we should do everything in our power to make our homes look larger than they really are. This way our home will offer us a sensation that we have more space, and this is something that can reduce stress in our lives.


Add bright colors

One of the best color schemes that you could use when you have to work with small spaces is white combined with other really bright colors. One of the schemes that you may like is French vanilla. Although this isn’t white, it is really bright and it can break the monotony of all the white objects.

Lamp in the kitchen

Although this idea seems to be a bit far-fetched, you should know that if you add a lamp to the countertop, you can make the kitchen feel more intimate. In case of a small house, people usually want to use the kitchen for several purposes. However, you have to make sure that the style of the lamp matches the style with the rest of the kitchen.


When looking for decoration ideas, you should make sure that you will be able to use the things for several purposes. For instance, you could think of a shelf that also doubles as extra seating for the dining table. In the same time a table could be used as serving table, entry center table, breakfast table and formal dining table.

Coffee tables

Instead of the larger coffee tables, you could opt for smaller side tables to save some space. Also this way you will be able to move things around which will give you more freedom and you will feel less cramped.

Adding the outside

If you have the possibility, you should also use the outdoors as an extension of your house. For instance you could place a glass door between the kitchen and the deck, creating the illusion that the kitchen is larger than it really is. This is because the sight line of people isn’t broken.

Get creative with storage

If you have only little space to store your belongings, you should be looking for unused spaces. For example you could place smaller baskets under the sofa. In the same time you could also store items in baskets on shelves, or on the top of the furniture, if you have enough space.


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