Make Your House Go Spooky for Halloween Party

Halloween is getting closer, and so you might be thinking about throwing a party. In case you would like to make sure that people won’t forget your party, you need the right decorations for it.

The entrance

It all starts with the entrance. In case you get the decorations for it right, you can be sure that you have already set the mood. Consider adding a garland of oak leaves and also some dried corn husks that you can find in this period of the year. To make it scarier you could add scarecrows that have eyes, noses and mouths painted with a marker.

Halloween Party Decoration

The elements of nature

Fall offers you everything that you need for decorations. You have all those wonderfully colored leaves and you could use real branches to decorate the place. Hanging gourds also help you set the mood, and in case you would like to have the ultimate Halloween feeling you shouldn’t forget to get some faux crows.

One of the most well-known decorative elements that you can use, or you have to use are the jack-o’-lanterns. Make sure that you have plenty of them. You should forget about lights during the party, and just go for the candles. Nonetheless you should be cautious about them so that there will be no accidents.

This is the perfect time to get a bit sloppy about the look of your home, and now you have the luxury of not sweeping the leaves in front of the house. The decorations could get spookier this way.


The favors that you offer to your guests should also be in harmony with the mood. This is why it is a very good idea to go for chocolate-covered apples or for caramel-covered apples. Another really popular sweet for this time of year is the candy cone. You can find them in just any store.

Scary tree

In case you have a tree outside, that has lost all the leaves, you could use it as part of your decoration. This is the perfect spot to be hanging jack-o’-lanterns and also faux crows. You could also add some traditional lanterns.

The only thing you have to be careful about is that the branches have to be able to support the weight of the items that you add. Also try not to over decorate, so that the effect will be bigger and it will be truly scary.


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