Hip Organizing Tips for Functional Laundry Rooms

There is a lot of work done in the laundry room and so it is very important for it to be clutter free. Even though you might have only little space, you have to ensure that you make the best of it.

Hip Organizing Tips for Functional Laundry Rooms

Work with what you have

If you only have little space, you should keep things simple so that there will be no clutter. An idea that you might like is to have a built-in shelf over the washing machine that will offer you storage surface without limiting the access to the window. You need all the light you can get in small spaces.

Hiding things

For sure you are using a lot of cleaning products and these could lead to clutter. Make sure to hide all the cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, and the other products. It may be useful to add a rod to the room that will offer you space to hang the drying clothes. The baskets can help you keep out of sight the clothes that haven’t been sorted yet. To add some life to the room, consider having cheerful curtains.

Serene color palette

If you choose the right color, you can create the feeling of neatness in the room. For instance you might be thinking about moss green in case of the cabinets, while the countertop could have a brighter color. This way you will achieve a calming effect.

Designate spaces

If you have a multi-purpose laundry room, you should have designated spaces for odds and ends storage, gift wrapping and doing the laundry. In this case you should invest in some canvas cubes that keep the things you don’t use too often out of sight.

Camouflage the room

You could think of the laundry room as an extension of the bathroom. Think about double-louvered doors that keep the washing machine and the drier out of sight. Make sure that you use the same color scheme in both the bathroom and the laundry room to have cohesion and to make it possible for them to function as one.

Use curtains

You could use curtains to hide the washing machine and the drier. All you need is a standard spring rod and make sure that you choose curtains that are suitable for the color scheme of the room. Children’s artwork and family photos can add a personal touch to the laundry room that usually lacks it.


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