Let the Harvest Beauty Decorate Your House

A lot of people don’t really realize this, but fall has a major advantage for those individuals who like to use the elements of nature as part of their home decoration.


Fall Harvest Decoration(photo credit: www.countryliving.com)

These are one of the symbolic elements of fall, and so you could use them in your home. To have a nice display look for pumpkins of the same shape, but have different sizes and colors. In order to make the decoration even more interesting, you could also add some colorful leaves and grape vines. To enhance the rustic feeling of the display you could also use a glass vase.


If you are looking for something truly unique, you should consider creating napkin rings of acorns. These are just great in case you would like to host a dinner party in this season. To create the rings you will need to drill a hole through the acorns and connect them with a wire, top to bottom. In the end twist the wire and cut off the excess.

Corn kennels

Another one of fall’s elements that is specific to the season is the corn. If you would like to make use of it, tie corn ears together and hang it from the wall or a cabinet. In case you opt for the cabinet, you could display jars of different dried seeds to create the ultimate fall feeling.

Saving costs

Harvest Beauty Decorate(photo credit: http://www.bhg.com)

When you are looking for something inexpensive to fill a glass vase, you should think about dried beans. You can find them in bulk and they are quite inexpensive. All you have to do is to add white beans to the bottom of the vase and on top add a branch of yellow berries. Instead of the white beans you could also opt for red or orange beans.


If you would like to add some color to your home, you could also consider decorating with brightly colored fruits, such as apples. These look great on the mantel. Also you could add some urns to be able to place the fruits at height. If you want the decoration to last for the entire season, you might want to consider using artificial apples.


Harvest Beauty Decoration(photo credit: www.countryliving.com)

You don’t need a lot of leaves to create the right atmosphere. You can choose some unique individual leafs and display them in miniature vases. To make the decoration complete you could also add a mini pumpkin or a gourd.


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