Get Creative with Easy to Make Easter Decorations

Easter is one of the main holidays in the majority of the cultures and this is why many people are looking for creative ways to decorate their home for it.

You could use some common motifs, such as the Easter bunny or Easter egg.

Paper basket

For this project, you could use paper that you can’t use for anything else. All you have to do is to shred paper into small pieces and then staple them together.

With the help of a floral wire, you should twist the pieces of paper until they form a nest. You could cut some of the pieces to add loosely woven look.

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Although you may think that a postcard is nothing but a postcard, you could turn it into artwork for this holiday. You need to find a vintage postcard or a reproduction at a bookstore.

Stick it to some decorative paper and then frame it. Look for some special ribbon so that it will hang with style.

Unique centerpiece

To feel like you are Alice in Wonderland, look for miniature items, such as daisies, toadstools made of papier-mâché and add all this to a bed of moss. To make sure that the different items and the flowers will stay in place you could use some floral foam.

Carrot table runner

Thought that you didn’t have the talent to make a table runner! Well this is easy to make, because all you have to do is to cut pieces from different kinds of orange fabric and then sew them together in the shape of a carrot. In the end don’t forget to add some green fabric as well.

Door decoration

For a country style door decoration, you need to start by getting a flower bouquet that could be real or made of silk. Place the flowers into a colorful umbrella and to hold the flowers in place tie the umbrella with a pink ribbon. For the ultimate Easter feeling, you should also add some colorful eggshells.

Butterfly tree

This tree shows people that spring is in the air. All you need to do is to add some paper butterflies to branches. Add the branches to foam. It is also nice to add small silk flowers to the branches. In the end, place some moss on the foam for the ultimate spring feeling.


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