Fresh Start for the Holidays: DIY X-mas Decorations

As Christmas draws nearer, more and more people are thinking about adding some decorations to their home. While some like to get these decorations from the stores, others prefer to prepare them on their own.

So what could you do on your own that looks good in the house? Well, as an example you could be thinking about creating a snowman ornament in the shape of a heart. For this you are going to need black permanent marker, freezer paper, muslin, pencils, decoupage, black sewing thread, shears, fiberfill, fabric glue, scrap of muslin, some twine and maybe some glue.

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Trace the outline of the ornament with the help of tracing paper. Cut the freezer paper, place it over the piece of muslin you are going to use, and then press it with a hot iron. This is a good solution since the freezer paper will make sure that the fabric doesn’t move during the process.

You can trace the pattern on a window or a light box. Use the pencil to trace the heart shape on the muslin. Regarding the drawing itself, you will have to do it free handed. All there is need to do is to trace the outline and then with the help of the stippling technique add the nose and the shade of the snowman.

The coloring should be done using the pencils that you have prepared. Once you are done with the ornament, coat it with medium. It is best to coat one part at a time, and clean the brush after every use. When it has dried, remove the freezer paper.

Then place the colored square on the muslin square and stitch along the design with the help of a sewing machine. In the end you just have to cut the heart shape out.

Remember that you will also need stuffing, and so make a cut in the back of the ornament. Add the fiberfill and then close the opening. In case you don’t want this to be visible from the back, you could cover it with a piece of muslin. This can be done with the help of glue that has been mentioned before.

It might also be useful to have a hanging loop to hang the ornament, and this is something that you have to add by hand. In case you have kids for sure they will love this ornament that you have created on your own.


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