Decorate Your House with Chic Clocks

In our days, it is very common for someone to ask you what the time is and for you to start searching for your phone.

In order to avoid this (at least in your home) you should consider decorating it with different kinds of clocks that are suitable for the style of your home and for your taste.



In the majority of the cases the numbers on the clocks have a different color from the background. However, in order to have a chic clock you may think about those that come only in white with no other color. You can still see the time, but the clock itself becomes more interesting.

All aboard

For sure you have seen movies with old railway stations and you may have noticed the specific kind of clock they had. You could also have something of the sort that is easy to see from a distance. The best thing about it is that it is suitable for just any room in your home.

Modern design

If it is suitable for your home, you could consider the clocks with a retro touch but with a modern vibe. These are large enough for you to be able to see the time from a distance and they are easy to mount. Some of them come with LEDs so that you can see the time even during the night.


For a funnier and more unique approach, you could have a chalkboard clock. In this case the back of the clock is actually a chalkboard that you can use to send messages to the people you live with. These clocks look the best in the office, kitchen or entryway.

Make it big

You could turn a clock into the centerpiece of the room if you go for a design that is both bold and big. If your wall is simple and blank, a clock like this may be all it needs to become the focal point of the room.

With a clock like this, there is no need for framed pictures or other decorations, because it would be too much.

Going traditional

If you like antique objects, you could choose a clock that has such a feeling. Consider an oversized clock with a black background and gold numbers. Naturally there are some other color combinations as well, but if you have other antiques in the room, this is the way to go.


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