Decorate Your Home with Traditional Christmas Motifs

There are some motifs that make people think of Christmas all over the world. In order to make sure that your home will truly represent the spirit of the holiday, these are the motifs that you should go for when thinking about the decorations.

Woodland decorations

In case this is the style that you would like to achieve, consider using the elements of nature, such as pinecones. You could also have some decoration made of paper, but in this case make sure that you are using recycled paper. Reindeers are nice additions to the decorations and you can find small boxes in the shape of logs.

Traditional Christmas MotifsForest theme

The winter forest is one of the most representative sceneries regarding Christmas, and so the elements of the forest could also be used as decoration for your home.

Think about mistletoe or decorations made of forest elements, like pinecones, acorns, paper pine trees, and so on.


One of the cutest things that you could be using at the Christmas dinner is the shot glasses in the shape of deer and moose.

There are also the cake stands that are made of wood and the candles in the shape of snowy pinecones. This way you can achieve a truly unique dinner setting.


In order to make your home feel warm and filled with the holiday spirit, think about placing garlands around the home. You should opt for the natural ones, such as the pinecone garlands. There are also the mixed berry and greenery garlands. This way you can have a bit of outside in your home.


Children like their gifts wrapped in colorful wrappers, but when it comes to the gifts of adults, you could be thinking about wrapping paper with plants. You shouldn’t think that these look less festive; also they are a lot closer to nature.

Snow goblets

Everybody is thinking about snow goblets during the winter, and they could become the perfect decoration for the mantelpiece. They are even more interesting if they come in a mason jar. Throw in a stocking holder and stockings, ceramic ornaments and pinecones.

Tree decorations

You don’t only have to consider the traditional tree ornaments, but also the ones that come in the shape of animals, such as fox, deer, polar bear, owl and even squirrel. There are also the ones in the shape of mushrooms, acorns and pinecones that you could use.


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