5 Smart Ways to Convert a Barn to an Awesome Living Space

There are a lot of people living in rural regions having homes that once were used as farms. Chances are that they also have a barn that they don’t use anymore.

In order to make sure that the barn will look good and that they can actually use it for something, it may be a good idea to convert it into a living space.

1. Getting started

Getting started

Before you come up with crazy ideas, first you should do some research regarding the zoning codes and ordinances that could have something to do with your project.

Also make sure that the building is inspected so that you will be aware of the possible problems. It is vital to work with a company that has experiences with projects of this kind.

2. Specialized help for design

Find an architect that specializes in renovating large buildings. It is possible that you will learn that the barn cannot be renovated. In this case, you should find a contractor that pays something for the items that can be saved from the structure of the barn. You could also use the reclaimed wood in other projects around the house.

3. Rustic but modern

Rustic but modern

At the beginning, it may seem that there is a lot of space in the barn. Nonetheless you should remember that the usable surface will be smaller because of the thick walls and the installations. Another thing to consider is that the majority of the barns don’t really have windows. Adding new windows isn’t really an option, but you could use skylights.

4. Original touch and modern approach

It is a good idea to keep the original tinker, but add some more modern elements as well. For examplechrome and stainless steel could add a special look to the stairs. In order to divide a room you can always use opaque glass walls. Nonetheless make sure that you don’t divide the space inside the rooms that are very small because the whole look of the barn will become unwelcoming.

5. Other possibilities

When considering a future living space you could also convert the barn into an apartment. Another great idea is to eliminate the morning rush from your life by turning the barn into a home office. Some people may prefer to turn their barn into a guesthouse.

Other ideas for a barn include a home gym, music or art studio, basketball court or a vintage car garage. Just remember that the possibilities that you have regarding a common barn are endless.


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