Bring the Fresh Tropical Air Inside Your House

The best thing about the tropical decorations is that they make you feel like you are always on a tropical vacation.

The best way to do it is to use bright colors and natural fabrics that remind you of summer.

The truth is that it is pretty easy to bring the tropical settings into your home with the help of a few tricks.

Bring the Fresh Tropical Air Inside Your House

Painting the walls

There are a lot of different colors that you could choose to get the tropical vibe. These include bright coral, turquoise, sunny yellow and lime green. For a more soothing and less screaming style, you could also opt for subdued melon, leaf green, watery blue or sandy taupe.


If there is one thing that reminds people of the tropical islands then this is long white curtains on the windows. With their help, you will have diffused light coming into your home. Another idea that you might like is to have bamboo shades installed on the windows.


To make you feel like you are really on a vacation you should make sure that there is brown rattan furniture in your home. You could have a chair and a couch or an entire coordinating bedroom set. If you would like to have something brighter, you could also go for the white wicker items.

You could make the woven chairs look even more unique with cushioning in coral or turquoise colors. These could have seahorse or seashell designs. It is also a good idea to have a comforter on the bed that comes with white and pink orchid patterns.

Seaside treasures

In order for the decorations to match the theme as well you could have an apothecary jar filled with blue and green sea glass. Make sure that you place the jar near the window so that the sunlight will illuminate the jar. Try to find a rustic bowl made of wood and fill it with beach items.

The decorative elements that you could use include starfish and conch shells and display the elements on a coffee table. You could decorate the frame of the bathroom mirror too. Have some smaller seashells glued to the frame.

Tropical flowers

The décor scheme could also contain tropical plants and flowers. For instance if you have an empty corner, you could place a tall tropical plant there. Fill some bamboo vases with orchids as part of the decoration.


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