5 Ways To a Woodwork Home

Does your house need a new look? Are you tired of the classic or modern décor that you’ve had for the last years? If so, you may want to start adding some wooden details to your home. You can turn your house into a log cabin paradise, and it will be a unique décor that will set your house’s interior design apart from all of your friends and neighbor.

Here are some things to do to make your home look more like a log cabin:

Install a Fireplace – A fireplace will be one of the most important touches to add to your home if you want to make your interior décor look more woodsy and natural. Even if the fireplace isn’t functional, it will look good. If you already have a fireplace, use wooden logs to make it look like a fireplace that you’d find in a cabin. You’ll be amazed at how a few pieces of wood can turn your fireplace into something out a ski cabin, or you can even use cement to texture the fireplace with a rocky facade.

Go with Natural Furs – Sick of those shag carpets and leather couches? Using a fur or skin carpet will make your home look more like a cabin. Wooden furniture with soft fabric cushions will complete the look. Make sure the furniture and carpets are a dark earthy color, as well as very comfortable.

Add Hardwood Floors — That old linoleum or carpet has got to go, and it’s time to install hardwood. Most cabins have a dark hardwood floor, though multi-colored floors will be acceptable as long as they’re made with wood. You don’t have to actually do hardwood, but you can use laminate to cover your floors. They’ll look like real hardwood, but will be much cheaper.

Find Old Decorative Items — The classic log cabin look won’t be complete without a fancy rustic chandelier, old paintings or photographs, an old record player, and any other ancient decorative items you can find. These items will be fairly costly, as they’re antiques. (protect your home, as well as the costly items in it with a home warranty from one of the leaders in the industry like, Http://www.Homewarrantyservice.net).

Get Wooden Furniture – If you can find old wooden furniture that still looks good and is solid, it will help to give your home that rustic look that you want. Stay away from modern furniture that looks factory-made, and try to find furniture that looks like it was made by hand to complete the woodworking décor of your home.

Don’t Forget the Animals — Few things will complete your classic log cabin look like a stuffed bear, a few heads mounted on a wall, and a wooden carving of a fish or mammal. The animals will be the final touch to make your home look like a real log cabin, so find stuffed, mounted, or carved wooden animals to mount on your walls and use as décor items!


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