Country Style Bedrooms – Key Notes to Follow

Not all people would like to spend their nights in a country styled bedroom, but those who do may be looking for some ideas to follow. The truth is that there are no guidelines in this case. You just have to go with whatever feels right for you.Highland Retreat

Highland Retreat

In order for the bedroom to have a cozy and warm feeling you may consider adding a headboard covered with heather-tones wool check. The bed could be made up by cover and a cushion. For the bedroom to have a highland feeling, you should also add a fur throw.

White and Blue

In case you are searching for a soothing color scheme, consider midnight blue and white. Choose patterned linen with this color combination. Try to combine the modern designs with classic ones. Opt for carved panels for the headboard and make sure that you have some floral patterns in the mixture as well.

Luxurious Feeling

You can achieve a country style with a spacious and luxurious bedroom too. To achieve the right effect you might want to use upholstered furniture and an oversized headboard. These will add a feeling of luxury and glamour when matched with floral wallpaper.

Make it Cozy

If you have a small bedroom, you should focus on its coziness. All rooms need a focal point and so you might want to have the headboard upholstered with a bright red fabric. The washed silk bedspread will add an opulent scheme to the room.

Going Eclectic

There is no reason for you to follow the rules set by others. You also have the option to give the room a bohemian vibe. Try mixing and matching different floral patterns using the wallpaper, linen, and cushions. In case you are looking for more interesting patterns, you might consider the animal patterns.

Delicate and Pink

Although some people might think that pink is too girly, you should know that it is also a delicate color and if this is the effect you would like to achieve, this is the right way to go. Mix different shades of dusty white and pink. In order to add some interest to the room, you could choose a wallpaper with a plank effect to add behind the wallpaper.

As you can see, there are a lot of possibilities for you to choose from. Just make sure you opt for something that really works for you.


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