Contemporary Bathroom Lighting Ideas

There is a lot that light could do for your bathroom: it can make it come to life but it may also make it look like it is a black hole. In case you are looking for contemporary bathroom lighting ideas you should first consider what effect you would like to achieve and then start with your design.



To achieve a luxurious and dreamy feel the most important thing to think about is adding layers. For sure you will need some makeup lighting and don’t forget about wall scones either. The decorative ceiling lights work well as well especially over the tub area. Use some glass or crystal for a sparkling effect.

The Right Place

The Right Place

In case you would like to achieve a dreamy and soft look one of the best options you have for contemporary ideas for bathroom lighting is using LED lights. This is the perfect solution to have some light under the vanity. The sides of the shelves can benefit from it as well and you can add LED lights to the ceiling too.

Shading the Light

Shading the Light

When thinking about contemporary bathroom lighting ideas, you may be looking for something subtle to create relaxing surroundings. One of the ways to achieve this is to opt for light fixtures that come with laser-cut patterns and a frosted finish.


 It is common for people to wish to step outside the box regarding the tips for contemporary bathroom lighting. You can achieve an elegant look if you turn your bathroom into a jewelry box. For instance you might be thinking about beads; add beads around the light source to achieve a rich feeling.


Usually people believe that the crystal chandelier belongs to the dining room, but as one of the contemporary bathroom lighting ideas you can also add it to your bathroom for a luxurious feel. All you need to do is to add a crystal pendant over the sink.

Add Some Drama

As one of the contemporary bathroom lighting tips you could place the mirror into your wall and add a string of LED lights above and beneath it. The light will bounce off the mirror and it will add a halo effect to the bathroom, like the effects that you can see in the Hollywood bathrooms.


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