6 Tips to Create an Old Time Classic Cottage Style Bedroom

While some people prefer the more modern approaches, others would like to have a cottage style bedroom because, according to them, it is warmer and more welcoming.

If you are one of those people, you may be interested in some tips to achieve a bedroom of this kind.

Cottage Style Bedroom(photo by www.bhg.com)

1. Textural tapestry

You can achieve the look by playing with textures. If you happen to have a white bed frame you might want to create some contrast, and so you should add a rug remnant as a piece of artwork.

The sheets could also be white if you throw in damask and toile pillows. Have a matter bed table that you can spice up a bit with an iron candelabra with silk shades.

2. Patterns

The cottage vibe could become a modern one if you have an array of different patterns. The secret in this case is to have a combination of traditional and modern patterns.

The base should be an upholstered headboard and the coverlet could come with leaf motifs. To have some pop, add some pillows that have a silhouette-style.

3. See to the walls

To achieve the perfect cottage feel, you could have painted them with paneled wall treatments made of wood.

Instead of the beaded board, you should have molding from the ceiling to the floor and there should be a foot distance between the trims.

Make sure that the panels and the trims have the same color to create the feel that they have always been there.

4. Flea market

You could have the entire room made up by items that you have found at the flea market. Look for a platform bed and use an old mantelpiece as the headboard.

To make the entire look even more interesting, you could add some random letters above the bed, jut to set the mood.

5. Ageless

If you are working on a guest bedroom, you could go for the antique look by separating the footboard and headboard. Opt for the cream and blue fabrics with classic motifs.

Choose the same motifs for the windows and the upholstery as well. Even though you use both flowers and strips, you could still have a unified look.

6. Canopy

The bed frame could look softer if you add a canopy over the bed. All you need are two curtain rods and some inexpensive white fabric. Allow the fabric to cascade over the bed. For a flirty finish, add pom-pom trims.


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