Add Privacy Screens Indoors And Outdoors To Create Private Space For Yourself

privacy screensEveryone desires to have a private space for themselves at times. If you want to have a partition of the big living room [Living Room Inspirations] or bed room, you cannot construct a wall at once and make the partition.

You may some times want a small place for yourself which is detached from other surroundings.

In this busy world, it’s very hard to create a private space by shutting the world.

Creating private sanctuary from different disturbing scenes and sounds is often hard, but not impossible. Giving yourself a private space from all these will help you to have privacy.

One such arrangement is the privacy screen, which provides you some place which is detached from the other parts of the room or patio or backyard or outdoors.

Literally, the privacy screen can be used anywhere, making a partition of the big living room or shutting down a garbage area, giving an extra space to the background pool etc.

If you are placing the privacy screen in the backyard or near to pool area, then you can creep climbing plants on to the privacy screen and make the set-up even more natural.

Privacy screens come in varied materials, but most widely used material is wood. Wood privacy screens are very popular and come in wide collection.

Before selecting the privacy screens, see that these privacy screens are light. If these are light-weight, then the movement of these privacy screens will be easy and these become very handy.

Different wooden privacy screens:

4-panel backyard privacy screen: As the name indicates, the privacy screens have 4 panels and this can be folded horizontally. These are often used in outdoors and are dealt as the outdoor wooden privacy screens.

They provide the utmost seclusion and are very useful in hiding the central air-units, garbage cans or the pool filters which give an awkward look when you are resting in the pool area. These are weather-durable and are made of solid eucalyptus trees.

The charming design of these 4-panel backyard privacy screens will support the outdoor climbing plants to creep and make the set-up more natural. These are very ideal selection for the pool, backyard gardens and patio.

Indoor privacy screen: This is exactly used as a room divider and by arranging the privacy screen indoors, you are making an extra space in the room by making a partition. This is a 3-panel privacy screen as the traditional privacy screens have. The screen is foldable and can be easily moved to any place. This is made with pare wood and this is not suggested outdoors.

Cedar privacy screen: If you want to hide any unsightly backyard scenes, then these are preferred for hiding. These are used to hide the garbage cans, air conditioner condensers, pool filter etc.

The panels of the cedar privacy screen are not attached, these can be detached for your convenience and these can be attached with the help of a small screw. You can connect the panels according to your requirements and make the required size of the privacy screen.

Sunsational indoor/outdoor privacy screens: As the name indicates, these screens can be literally used any where. These are detachable and do not take much time in re-arranging the screens. These screens are made of steel and are coated with weather resistant.

The frame is made of steel and fabric and is used for creating privacy. Do not worry even if the privacy screens are made of cloth, it is durable and do not get spoiled with the UV radiations or mildew.


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