How to Incorporate Rustic Shabby Chic in Your Home?

A shabby chic style is also prominently known as cottage or farmhouse style. Earlier, people avoided using this décor style for home, but as the time changed creativity enhanced giving a new look.

The shabby chic décor is the way to prove the fact “old is gold”. Everything from furniture to lightning can have great look when incorporated with this style. If you are searching the way to offer values to your adage without renovation or replacement, then incorporating with this style is the best option. Here is how to give your house easy rustic touches to make it impressive and catchy.

shabby chic decor

When it comes to fashion and trend, we believe that it keeps on altering itself with time. Shabby chic is one of those popular retro home décor styles which make their place in the latest home décor trend again and again due to the high versatility and great adaptability in this style. One can easily incorporate these pieces into a home without any need to renovate or replace those existing décor already present. In case you want to experiment with this home decorating style but is unsure about how to start with it, then just take a look at some of its highlights to get a better view of it.

The Entrance

This is a place that anyone or rather everyone entering your house, will pass through. So this passage should be well decorated with those vintage clocks or the front of your vintage cars and maybe some other accessories from your farmhouse. Compliment it with the perfect touch of lighting to give it a much closer touch.

Living Room

Use those old metallic sofa sets polished with rusty or copper colors to give that touch. You can even renovate your old metallic trunks to convert them to beautiful shabby center tables.


Your bedroom is your most loved personal space where you spend your free time. It should be well decorated with those farmhouse accessories like the rustic metallic bed and that loveseat made by renovating an old farmhouse trunk accompanied by perfect lighting to make you feel awesome.

Kitchen and Dining Area

This is the place where you enjoy your meals with all your family members. Give it a rustic look by decorating it with vintage dining furniture and cutlery.

Bathroom and The lawns, porch and other outdoor areas

Give your garden that vintage touch by decorating it with the old farmhouse bird cages. Hang those perfect lighting in the garden area and enjoy the view.

That means you can easily incorporate with rustic shabby chic style if you have appropriate antique furniture, lighting and more. If you are much more excited to give your home a makeover, go through the rustic shabby chic for your home and explore a broad view of how it can be achieved easily. Hurry up. Check out some tips and give your home that perfect makeover which everyone finds worth appreciating.


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