5 Tips on How to Care for Your Stone Countertops

Caring for stone countertops in your kitchen can be quite a challenge. However, with some knowledge, you can choose the right materials for your kitchen counters and prevent damage. If you already have a sensitive counter top then we will look at how to treat those stains and damages that have already happened. Here are a few tips to fight those stubborn counter top stains.


1. Wipe out the stain immediately

The first tip to having a clean and stain-free kitchen counter top is to wipe a spill the moment you spot it. Spills especially from citrus products are detrimental. The sooner you get rid of them the better it is, because once a spill penetrates the damage is almost irreversible. Even plumbing solutions and household chemicals are an absolute no for a kitchen counter. Oils are less troublesome, especially once the stone has been sealed.

2. Seal the Kitchen top

Sealing the kitchen top is an important tip to keep your countertop looking good for a long time. Ensure that your supplier seals the top a few times the first time over. There is a small test to determine if the top has been sealed properly or not. All you have to do is to observe if the water spills on the surface form beads and droplets.  Get the top sealed again the next year.

3. Whiting for lard

Lard is probably the worst enemy of any kitchen top and getting rid of it is a challenge in itself. If you happen to be one such victim, then do not fret. Hardware stores stock a cleaning powder called whiting. Fold a cheese cloth to make layers and soak it in a mix of this whiting and water for 3-4 days. Then clean the counter top with this cloth to get rid of the mess, completely. However, the grout has to be treated with poultice to get rid of the stains.

4. Using cutting boards

Use a cutting board for all your cutting needs to keep your kitchen from damage due to scratches and abrasions. Alternately, use newly available quartz counter tops that will resist abrasion of any kind. This will set you free from all worries about your counter top maintenance.

5. Opt marble for kitchen tops

Here is the last tip of the day – Marble is the best stone for kitchen tops. It has just enough porosity and is stronger than granite. Honed and sealed marble counter tops in white are the best bet. If you think black is better then you will be in for a surprise. Black colored tops make every print and mark visible and hard to get rid of.


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