Door Décor – First Impressions of Your Interiors

From door pulls to entrance gates, door décor has often thought fascination of the rich and famous. But going deep into the world of decorative doors, we find that primitive hut and cave dwellers also made the entrance of their residence attractive. Here are a few examples of how you can get creative when thinking of decorative doors.

First Impressions of Your Interiors

Door frames

From single-leaf to double-leaf doors, frames are essentials of all doors. Making them the centre piece of your decoration could lead to exciting results. Wooden frames with exquisite carvings are the common imagery of frames that comes to your mind. Simple versions of the frames can be made by using arched frames that can carry ridges on them. These arch frames can extend down to form wide columns that give a royal feel to the door. Frames with extended accents are another option. One can have glass or metal inlays to make them more interesting and unique.

Door accessories

Doors can be accessorized in a number of ways. They are not only cheaper alternatives in decorating the entrances to your home, but also make them interesting. Some of the commonly used door accessories are:

  • Door pulls – these can be made of metals such as brass and copper. Animal and floral patterns are the most common among this accessory.
  • Door hinges – decorative hinges in shining metal lend an air of sophistication to your doorway.
  • Door knobs and knocks – these are available in a range of material but metal knobs are the most commonly used ones. An antique shop is the best place to find a unique piece.
  • Floral accents – ideal for simple doors addition of bloom to the entrance of your home will bring in color without much effort. You could draw attention by using simple and elegant pots and urns and match them with contrast colored flowering plants.

Painted doors

Doors come with the option of painting them. Colors as varied as bold to pastels can be used to make them special. Using a combination of paints, one for the door and the other for its casing and frames could get surprising results. Stained glass inlays can be used to give a dash of paint to your door. You could also coordinate the color of the door with the foliage and flowers in the porch.

Door columns

Columns are extensions of the wall flanking the doorway. These can be simple or elaborate and can be covered in metal, wood or just paint to give an accented look. They make your doorway look bigger and more welcoming.

It’s essential to choose the right accessories of your front door to make your home look and feel cozier. You can also use prints such as stickers to accessorize your door. Check Print Runner’s site for services like sticker printing and online brochure printing.


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